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So okay, as tradition it seems with all bloggers, I need to do a Year post.
Though the fact that its already 2010, that seems a bit late to do...

My last year was crazy I do admit. I got quite a bit up and down with the busy life that is school. And half the time, I admit slacking off. So what I need to learn is consistency.

All the things that I planned to do last year...didn't happen as such.
I mean Stage Challenge was kick-ass. Being a part of that was amazing, but I now admit that I was just WAY too into it than I should have been. I mean yes, the time that was needed to be spent on it was essential, but the time I needed to spend on everything else just lacked in the end. I would come home at like 6pm from Stage Challenge, then eat to jump back on the sewing machine and try to sew till about 11pm. That wasn't good.

For that, my photography suffered (stupid flawed M grade!), my Media Studies suffered for the trailer (M grade! If I wasn't so tired it would have been SO much better.) and I didn't get as much done as I wanted to.

Though I have to know to prioritise myself, and give equally to myself to all the things I'm involved in.

That was my lesson for last year.
That and to try and have some self control when it comes to 3am MSN sessions with Boyfriend while doing pulling Graphics homework all-nighters. Should have just played loud music in my headphones instead of multi-tasking with msn.....

Anyway, this year, I am not gonna say that this is gonna be my "Best Year" ever. I said that about last year, cause I had so many plans, but when they fell through, I just felt rejection and depression, and I would give up till the last minute (which also, I need to stop doing.)

This year, its gonna be about moving forward. As much as I try, I can't slow down. Time is ticking, and as much as I would like to relax (as I have spent most of this day doing) I need to know to keep moving forward and spend time on all the things I love and need to do. To make time for myself, for uni, for friends, for family, for my boyfriend, and for God and my church.
I'm gonna start getting busy. Because sitting on my butt watching tv and being on the computer is not productive multi-tasking (unless its homework on computer infront of tv)

My New Years Resolutions are simple.
1) Get a job.
2) Work hard at uni. (which reminds me, need to fill out scholarship.)
3) Spend equal time with all the aspects in my life (Fam/friends/Boyf/etc)
4) Stop putting things till the last minute.

But you know, people make these lists, but how often do we go back to these? Very little.
I mean last years resolutions...
- Win a scholarship (nothing yet.)
- Less icecream and chocolate (maybe...I'm not such a big binger)
- Walk to school more (was good till sis got slack.)
- Have more fun (I did. But there were still equally dark parts.)
- Write more (I write everyday. Just not here.)
- Have an awesome year. (well...)

There was also stuff like "Do media scholarship" (tick), "Get NCEA level 3 with Excellence" (we'll see.), and "Get Excellence for Media Trailer" (no.)
But I did have an awesome year. I think the main highlight was just Boyfriend. No where did I expect that to happen.

I don't have a clue what's gonna be in store for me. I'm super curious what's gonna come my way. But I'm in no rush to find out. Gotta take it one day at a time, using what I have as wisely as possible....which reminds me.

New Years Resolution
5) Stop sitting on the couch doing nothing.


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