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currently: suppose to be cleaning again....

Its funny what you find while cleaning.
Another attempt to pack up my room has resulted with me reading the creative writing stories I wrote when I was younger.

So here's another one to share. This I wrote when I was in year 9 (so 13/14 years old) for some creative writing assignment for class. Its not my best, but its still interesting to see how I've developed with my writing and all.

The Fall
I didn't want to go down. Yet again I got myself stuck up here.

A crowd of people watched from below. A small gathering stood a few metres behind me. A calm breeze gently touched my skin, slight goosebumps forming. I stood on a large, misshapened rock, attached to the cliff, where water rushed round in a fast paced flow.

The water continued to rush, vertically downwards, to what was suppose to be a large lake, but it looked as big as the size of my fist.

Continuous insults were being hurled at me from my so-called mates. Only a few of the people were encouraging me, very few. I glanced at the crowd waiting by the lake side. The onlookers kept staring at me, their eyes fixed on my every move or flinch. I felt like they were drilling holes in me, digging deeper into my flesh as I stood there.

I had to accept it. That stupid dare. What an idiot I was. But to not be teased anymore, I couldn't help but be willing to try. To be continuously teased about how I looked and my fears and beliefs was hurint me so much, I wanted it to stop, and even risking this, might stop the pain.

The waterfall looked like a diamond cloth in the blinding light, the sun beating down, heat pushing at me, my head felt like it was in a vice. I wouldn't be surprised if my sweat was going to drown me before I jumped. I turned behind, hoping they would let me pull it off, but their shap looks kept piercing me. There was no where to go but down.

I was going to do it. But my legs wouldn't move. They felt concrete-heavy and chained down to the rock. I couldn't find enough strength to move. I was feeling dizzy, sick, uneasy. Then suddenly, I felt a hand on my back. I thought they were stopping me, but I could energy being used. They pushed me, and I broke free from the rock.

The feeling was amazing, like floating on a feather. Time felt slower, what seemed like eternity was probably ony a few seconds. I was into the rush, worries out of my mind.

I curled myself to brace myself as I hit the refreshing water. I could hear the splash rise around me as I was swallowed by the lake. I felt achievement and couldn't help smiling underwater. I went to swim up to the surface, but something wouldn't let me go up. I checked that I wasn't caught on anything and tried again, but as I tried to swim upwards, I could feel myself being pushed down even further. The waterfall area below the waterfall was sucking me downwards. I kept panicking, using everything I had to let myself reach above water, but slowly, I could see the surface of the water was moving futher away.

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