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currently: chilling in bed with an itchybite on her leg. Downfalls of wearing shorts.

Got my University Bill.
*drop dead*

This is for one year.
Times this by 3.
Over $15,000.

I am SO super thankful for Student Loans, though I haven't actually gotten the "okay" on it since I've been a bit slack...

I'm still looking for a job too. I didn't get the last job, so I'm gonna go round the local mall handing out my CV to stores. Cause the idea of spending like 15 years to pay off a loan that could actually end up being almost $20,000 with the living costs I'm borrowing too is gonna be a pretty dark red mark against my name. I don't like borrowing money.

On the plus side, because I'm all "tertiary account" I'm gonna get me a debit card, and the money I get from my living costs will be banked in each week :D
Dude, it is gonna be SO tempting not to buy Mr Vintage tees with that money.

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