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Remember the days of flip book animations?

currently: listening to 'Black Box' by Stan Walker - the NZ guy that stole the Australian Idol. Heheh. once in a while, I should be allowed to make a selfish post.

This isn't one of those.

My darling boyfriend is amazing. Cause not only is he super sweet (amongst many other amazing qualities) but he's super skilled. (I just mentioned super sweet so it works with the alliteration of super skilled haha.)

A few months ago while I was in the middle of my NCEA photography portfolio, I was showing him my work (or at least what I had gotten up to at that stage) and he asked if he could have one of my images.
I was all "yeah...alright. What you gonna do with it?"
He: "I'm going to use After-Effects to it. You'll see..."

And like last week he finished it.
So hey, one art develops into another.

And apparently he used this thing for the glowy-ness.

I think glowy orb things are super cool lol.
But that's just me. I've always loved glowy-stuff.

Anyway, going back to NCEA, results this week!
And you know, me being in level 3, this counts whether you get into uni or not.


so if you're waiting on results...good luck!

Tomorrow you gotta wish me luck though, got me a job interview... *more tension* so hopefully I can start working and afford to get a real life and not post about it on Blogger!

(just kidding :P)

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