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one month of no blogging

currently: hasn't blogged in over a month.

So, as you could probably see by the date, I have been in extreme absence on this blog.
And its my fault more than any other factor. The reason is, I've just been lacking the time to blog cause I've been really distracted lately.

What I've done in the past month is got a job, quit a job, went for a driving course, finished 3 assignments and a speech, finishing a 4th, starting on a 5th. I've wrote my first article for my university magazine, I've taken photos, travelled the bus for too many hours, and just got caught up with life.

I know there are still so many things I said I'll do. Like Paramore photos, geez I've been saying that for ages now! I will post them. I WILL.

And I'm gonna commit more to writing. This is what I've set out to do. And I will do so. New Month - you'll see.

(plus, new title head in the making. My boyfriend got me the 2nd latest photoshop, so I'm gonna put it to use and make something pretty :P)

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