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The long awaited Paramore photos

currently: posting Paramore concert pictures now!

Okay, so I'll admit, these photos suck. And Paramore was a slightly crappy concert. (70 minute set? Seriously?)
Plus, wasn't keen at all in Jury and the Saints as the openers, especially since no one had really heard of them.

But the massive and dedicated crowd (who some waited for hours in the parking lot, in two cues that stretched a decent 200 metres each) did enjoy it as much as they could. (especially the little 12 year old girls who screamed and recorded the whole thing on their expensive cameras their dads bought them.)

Jury and the Saints: were an interesting act. Threw lettuce and sausages at the crowd, and asked that they throw coins at them.

Hayley from Paramore joined in a bit of drumming with the band, which suddenly got everyone's interest.

Overall : okay act, but could have been better to pick a band that has more radio success. and is actually known. Would have prefered NZ's Ivy Lies (girl rock band), or maybe Gin Wigmore.

Paramore took a while to come on. But when they did, everyone screamed, and jumped, and the shoving began. I was standing off to the side though, so I wasn't in the deep heats of it.

Some of my complaints about the set: it was really short. And it was just SO hard to hear a word Hayley said amongst the screaming, and the fact that the place isn't made for concerts, its made for basketball games.

Also - no 'Hallelujah' played. All mainly stuff from 'Brand New Eyes' album. And really minor band/fan connections. I think only towards the end did the band move more towards the fans. Most of their time they just kept in their places.

Crowd were into it, they sung along, jumped with the beat though. Which is the most important thing. 'Decode' went OFF. You can tell which 12 year olds are Twi-hards who only liked Paramore cause of the Twilight soundtrack.

And after the concert was probably the best part of the night strangely enough. Because so many of us were hot and sweaty and some wet (they sprayed water into the crowd to cool them off) a lot were just so pumped and relieved to be outside in the cool streets. People were singing to their cars Paramore songs, and no matter what kind of people they were, everyone was singing along. Then while waiting for our ride, some random crowd came up to me and my friend and took a photo of us. I imagine I would have looked terrible in that photo, but I didn't care, we were all just connected by our experience of being at a Paramore concert. And it was fantastic.

Anyway, here are the very delayed photos and review of Paramore. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the band. Just wasn't in the right space for it. Anberlin and the acts at Parachute were just so much better cause there was a greater connection with band and crowd. I just didn't get it as much this time. But hey, it was a free concert ticket :D

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