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currently: reflecting on the week.

So New Zealand, on Wednesday, you experienced "Beiber Fever"
Crap, what kind of crazy tweenies do we have in New Zealand?

In the time that Justin Beiber was here for the day, fans pushed over his "mama", stole his hat for ransom, and we pushed him off a bridge (well some of us could hope, but it was a bungy off Auckland Bridge.)

And okay, so I'm not on the fans side of Beiber, but now I'm not hating him like some people who pretty much LOATHE all things JB either now. I see he is a kid, who may look like 12, and yet has to deal with nutters like hat stealers and mama pushers.

And fans that think waiting outside for Justin Beiber at 2pm is okay to do. (Talking about you Australia)

I have to say, these people who call themselves "Beliebers" are just embarrassments, and I think I feel a little bit for Justin.
I mean crap, if I was ever going to be a famous popstar, and I had hundreds of twelve year old boys chasing after me, yeah I'd be creeped, and I wouldn't find it very flattering - the lengths that they go for just to even "TOUCH" the guy. *shudder*

I'm not putting JB off the hook either. I swear, calling Usher in an interview "my boy" is just as much a facepalm than anything else.
Justin Beiber, for goodness sake, you're 16. Usher probably has a kid around your age. He ain't "your boy" you sad pasty white prepubescent kid.

So JB, you came, you went, you left girls crying. Next time, maybe get a cruise ship big enough to fit your nutcases, and we'll have ourselves a floating asylum. I think New Zealand will be glad enough to remove your naive, blinded, obsessed, freaky stalker fans from our shores. :)

(Suddenly, I think I have more respect for Jonas Brothers fans than his.)

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