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currently: playing with Photoshop CS4

Lots of thank yous to boyfriend for hooking me up with PS CS4. It's a real step up from my good old Paint Shop Pro X2, but times are changing, and my university works on Macs, so I thought upgrading was about time. (Cause, you know, I'm not keen in failing and all...)

So what's the jury say on this one?
Is it me, or does it seem like some almost California coloured logo for a trashy MTV show like The Hills or something?

Its something really basic, since I haven't really learnt the full jist of all that is in Photoshop. I have no brushes other than what is loaded, and I figured out how to create the similar effects I did in PSP into PS. Though I don't know if my old PSP had glows, but they're fantastic in PS.

Oh and if you haven't noticed or realised, the city in the image is my lovely Auckland City. Isn't it pretty? Well when its not looking like the colour of a nectarine... (the real New Zealand is generally nicely blue, green, and clean I assure you :D)

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