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currently: keeping warm with my laptop heat :)

So I've finished all my uni assignments for this semester! :D
And so this is the short period of time where I don't have to worry about assignment deadlines, and I don't have to start studying for exams.

So because I was free to go for a birthday this week, I had some time to sew my friend a present.

So my friend I've known for a long time, and I know she's into the character Cloud from Final Fantasy. Like 4 years ago or something....I drew her a cartoon version of Cloud like the one from this video.

This year for her 18th, I decided I'd sew her a mini plushie like the one I drew. One that I hoped wouldn't look as freaky as Jacob Twilight plushie... (mind you, this didn't get a 6 pack.)

Anyway, sewed this thing in 4 hours using the felt I had. The hair went slightly funny...and the eyes kinda had a bit of felt fall off - reason why one eye looks thicker than the other...haha.

He stands at 10cms tall. Just cause of his hair. Without it, he'd be about 6cm.

And no, he doesn't have a sword...Instead I put my birthday note inside his vest (I didn't really get enough time to make a sword to be honest. It was hard enough to do his hair.)

I also had to sew his shoes onto his feet cause they were so tiny. In the cartoon, he also has gloves but there was no way I was gonna put gloves on this tiny little arms.

And yeah...I was running out of yellow felt. If I had more, I would have made his hair much bigger.

Anyway, she loved the gift. Instantly recognised it was Cloud, which I'm glad she did. Otherwise if she didn't, it would be a sign that I did a crappy job.
To be honest, I still haven't figured how to make adorable eyes and stuff for dolls yet....I find eyes and mouths so hard because I just have no idea how to make them cute.... I'll work on it XD

Anyway, my other sewing project was a more personal one, and one I've been meaning to complete for a while because I need more clothes for university - specially since the weather has gotten much colder. (Apparently there's suppose to be a storm tonight...Haven't heard it at all...)
V neck striped jumper. I got this fabric from Spotlight back in January I think. $4 a metre - it was for clearance. The material has a bit of stretch cause it's knitted.

It comes to about hip length - I like long clothing. Quite warm to wear too. Had a bit of trouble with the way the fabric unravels since its knitted. Specially with that neckline - trying to make it sit right and not unravel further.
I think that when I do wear it, I'll wear it with a belt, just to break up the stripes a bit with a square buckle.

And I tried SUPER hard to get the stripes to match. Because of that, I didn't have enough material for the sleeves. So I made cuffs. It was all good :P

Can't wait to wear it at uni now. Also can't wait for exams to finish, just so I can sew more stuff. I don't finish till Mid June so I got a bit of time to go...might just start making patterns on the side or something so I'm prepared as soon as uni break starts :P

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