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Where Are They Now? (NZMM Special)

currently: should be studying for exams that are coming up now :(

So I've been busy with other small projects other than just the sewing. Stage Challenge is coming up in Auckland in the second to last week of June (21st to the 25th). You gotta check it out - its an AMAZING show (and this is not my bias opinion just because the costumes I designed and sewed are featured on the advertising and posters...)

Anyway, I've contributed to my university magazine, AUT's debate a couple of times since I've started. You can check out the magazine through, but you can read my article here, written for the 11th issue in the 2nd to last week of May, known as New Zealand Music Month. Enjoy :)

New Zealand Music Mysteries – where are they now?
For 10 years, we’ve been celebrating New Zealand music every May. It comes, we wear the shirts and we feel good that by knowing its New Zealand Music Month, we’re being supportive. Then it’s June and we move on. With that, so does our attention to Kiwi bands. Ever wondered what happened to some of those home grown bands or musicians we used to hear on the radio? I give you a list of bands that were hitting the New Zealand top 40 charts, but now seem missing from the art.

Last big hit: Drown in 2006 (peaked 4th on charts)
After years of fallouts over their 10 years together, Blindspott officially called it quits in 2007, saying they wanted to focus on their solo projects. Then said they were reuniting for Homegrown 09. Now this month, they’ve announced they’re going to write more material again. Some people just don’t quit; and maybe, it’s not a bad thing.

48 May
Last big hit: Big Shock in 2006 (peaked 14th on the charts)
They made their first appearance on the charts with Leather and Tattoos in 2005, a song which may have been about his future love for a cast member on Outrageous Fortune. Then in 2006, they cleaned themselves up and released their sophomore album, Streetlights and Shadows, with Warner Music NZ. Bigger record label means bigger success? Well not necessarily. They broke up without a word goodbye in 2008.

Goodnight Nurse
Last big hit: The Night in 2008 (peaked 24th on the charts)
They were a consistent band for most of the mid 2000s, every year having a hit appearing on the top 40, making the preteens fall in love with them over and over again. Then in 2007, they lost their bassist, became a four-piece, and then released their sophomore album, Keep Me on Your Side Tonight. On their MySpace this February, they said after nine years they were taking a “well deserved break”. Who knows for sure if they’d be back, but you’ll still see drummer Jaden with Like You Crazy, guitarist Sam with Kids of 88, and bassist Rowan with Jury and The Saints.

Tiki Taane
Last big hit: You’re Always on My Mind in 2008 (peaked 1st on charts)
Yes, for most of 2008, Tiki Tanne was on our minds, breaking records by setting up camp at NZ’s number one spot for 19 consecutive weeks (and 55 weeks in total). Well until a drum playing gorilla from a certain chocolate company took the spot from him. Since then, he’s been hiding away, mainly in Australia trying to break into their charts. But alas, we are still reminded that we’re on his mind too, for as long as cute BNZ piggies fly jet planes.

Elemeno P
Last big hit: Baby Come On in 2007 (peaked 13th on charts)
We loved them for their catchy tongue-twisting name, and reminding us about Verona, making Urban Getaways, and that at 11:57, “we’re running out of time”. Last hit had their song Baby Come On making happy Telecom co-workers dancing up and down their office with their video cell phones (blissfully unaware of the XT network). As great a feel-good-song it was, the next few songs of Elemeno P’s third album didn’t follow suit. They’re still around, with one less guitarist, writing music for their next album...still.

Last big hit: Walkie Talkie Man in 2004 (peaked 14th on charts)
Other than Walkie Talkie Man (which everyone attempts to know the words to, but fails to sing right), no one else could probably name another Steriogram hit. But they are still around. They’ve announced the title for their third album (Taping the Radio), and released a new single called Ready For Action. But to be honest, they’ll probably stay known as “Steriogram, the band that plays Walkie Talkie Man”.

Last big hit: Hey Boys and Girls (Truth of the World pt. 2) in 2009 (peaked 5th on charts)
The Hume brothers are the best things to come out of Feilding since… well what else comes out of Feilding? Evermore first stole our hearts with their song It’s Too Late released back in 2004. Since then, they’ve changed their image (now one brother is blonde, and another looks like a creepy Ron Burgundy), and have moved themselves to Melbourne. They’ve grown to be good buds with pop music’s Pink, becoming her supporting act for her Australian tour last year, and now her current European tour. You’ll find their greatest hits album in stores too.

Brooke Fraser
Last big hit: Shadowfeet in 2007 (peaked 13th on charts)
Wellington’s songstress has been the sweetheart of NZ music since she released her debut album What to do with Daylight at the age of 20. Now 26, she’s a married woman (becoming Brooke Ligertwood), writing for Christian worship band Hillsong, and living in both Australia and Los Angeles as she tries to break into the American market. She’s said to be releasing her next album sometime this year.

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