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Best 3 NZ tunes that came out of NZMM

currently: relistening to these songs over and over again while studying.

Mellie's top 3 picks of the BEST NZ TUNES that came out of this year's New Zealand Music Month.
3.Ivy Lies - Never Enough

Why: YES NZ needs good girl rock. I can't name a girl rock band off the top of my bout time Ivy Lies came along. They're also a fantastic looking and stylish bunch. Wish I could have great hair like that.

2. Opshop - Pins and Needles

Why: They're back! And this song is fantastic, rocking back onto the radio, with Jason Kerosen sounding amazing. This is the type of song that if it comes onto the radio, people will sing along to. Its the amazing thing using "Yeaahhhh" in songs. Used correctly and you can make an anthem out of them.

1. The Naked and Famous - Young Blood

Why: I've known of TNAF since I saw their video Birds on JuiceTV, and have been following their music videos since then. I agree with people when they say this song sounds like MGMT. Plus New Zealand needs more female lead singers of bands. Its like if Stellar* was the rock band with the female lead, and Goldenhorse was the pop band with the female lead, does this make TNAF the electronic band with the female lead? Hmm....well as long as The Naked and Famous stay round making hits like these, I'm happy.

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