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currently: watching What Happens in Vegas on tv. Its not that bad a movie I must say.

Having uni break is fantastic :D Except for getting sick, which happened last week which was a pain, after I went to watch the Friday Night Stage Challenge Performance (which I have to say was amazing to watch, congrats to the school performing.) But because I got sick, I haven't exactly gotten all the sewing I wanted to do. But I've managed to get some going today :D

So you may remember the material I used in my V-Neck Jumper I made a while back. (btw - This material is really cheap from Spotlight, and you can still find it in the cheap section :D)

Well I've got more material that is the same type, just different colour in grey and white.

Lately I've been seeing a bit of a cowl neckline trend going around, so I thought this material I had (and I had like 2 metres of it) would be good for a Cowl Neck Jumper.
In fact, I found the sort of Cowl Neck jumper I wanted to make in Pagani. (the one pictured)
This is about $40 bucks (currently $30 because it's on sale.)
I'm not a big fan of 3/4 sleeves during winter, but this was the sort of cowl neck I had in mind to make.

So with the $8 of striped knit material I had (2 metres worth), and buying the BurdaStyle pattern "Lydia" that only costed me $1.02 NZD. So with this I decided to modify the pattern to create my own Striped Knitted Cowl Neck Jumper.

Here's how it turned out:
This jumper is like a short dress length, making it acceptable to wear tights with the jumper. (I approve of the rule that a top that doesn't cover your butt shouldn't mean tights as pants)
And unlike the Pagani one, this has full length sleeves.

I always think stuff like this looks better with a belt to break up all the same colours of lines.  You may hopefully see on the photo above that this has bands on the sleeves and bottom of the dress, to help weigh it down and provide some extra thickness. (and given it its length, I made the sleeves a bit longer than regular sleeves just so its warmer)

And the cowl neck stripes are going a different direction to the whole jumper just for some visual interest, breaking up the lines for the main focus of the jumper. Plus of course, as you may be able to see on the photo above, I've tried real hard to make the stripes match again :P

The only problems with this is that the jumper material is pretty light, but I'm sure that with layers, it will be okay. And this could still be worn in the spring I'm sure.
That's anothe project done! On to the next :D

And btw - Pagani's top again costs $40 bucks retail.
Mine? $9.02 all together.


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