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Fluro Highlighter Pink Cheesecake

currently: bout to go to bed...

Some say I'm a female of many talents.

Not when it comes to baking.
(Seriously, there's a story I tell of me messing up instant hollandaise sauce. INSTANT.)
Which is why I was kinda proud of my non-baking homemade pink cheesecake I made today- made from biscuit crumbs, raspberry jelly, cream cheese, water and butter.

Honestly - it would have been hard to screw up this (but yet again, still possible...)

Pictures really don't do it justice in how it looks though. Its seriously like a highlighter pink colour thanks to the mixture of jelly and cream cheese.

And the top is quite "fluffy" and covered in bubbles - thanks to me overwhipping it a tiny bit...

But its still good.
And I reckon if it glows in the dark, I could market these tasty things.

Oh yeah... *grin*

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