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I ADORE Toy Story 3
Last Friday I went to go see Toy Story 3 in Digital 3D. But whatever your stance is on how digital 3D enhances your movie viewing experience or not, Toy Story 3 is still FANTASTIC.

In Toy Story 3 - Andy, the once little boy with a big imagination, is now a college boy who has no time for his once beloved toys. His toys however, still remember him fondly but with the thought that Andy doesn't care anymore, they give up, hoping to gain a new life as they accidently get donated to Sunnyside - a daycare for children.

All seems idylic - the idea that all toys will always get played with for as long as there is a daycare. That is, except for Woody who still has full loyalty to being with Andy whether he needs him or not.

But when Woody learns that his plastic friends are in trouble, he sets out for a rescue mission, hoping to get back to Andy before he leaves home.

The film is one of the few where it outdoes the prequel Toy Story 2. It is definitely more emotional, more adventurous, and just much better. The backstory to the toy antagonists Lotso ("he smells like strawberries") and Big Baby (his right hand henchman) is fantastic by the way it makes you sympathetic towards their dark intentions, and the dark moment in the film with Woody and his friends is hard to take your eyes off.

It has great comedic moments too. Ken and Barbie's meeting, and Buzz's Spanish wooing over Jessie, and Mr Potato Head in general is full of laughs.
And the end of the film is so intensly emotional - its really hard not to cry. I went to see this film with my boyfriend and at this point of the film, I was squeezing all the life out of his hand. Its so bittersweet, and a perfect way to end the trilogy of Toy Story films (though leaving a little window open for a possiblity of a 4th which I think may overdo it). But it gives a great sense of closure, and you can see the way a lot of these toys have progressed and grown up, much like Andy. It definitely pulls at my heart strings, me being a 18 year old girl with many toys I've forgotten about and wish I could play with again.
This is definitely my FAVOURITE film for this year so far. I recommend seeing it so badly. Beats Avatar by far too. I just wished it didn't have to be anywhere near Twilight's film. They don't deserve to be in the same box office.

film stills and images courtsey of Pixar/Disney 2010

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