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3D isn't always the key

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So Lee commented on my Toy Story 3 review, talking about how she doesn't really like 3D.
I was going to comment underneath, but the comment started getting really, really long, so I thought I'd write about it on a separate post, that way its free for its own argument.

I will say I'm not very partial to 3D films a lot of the time cause 1) they're about $5 more expensive to normal film tickets, and 2) I wear glasses when I can't see long distances, so its harder for me to see a clearer picture.

I do think though that films like Avatar wouldn't have been the great commercial success that they were if it weren't not for the new technology of 3D HD films, as well as it being James Cameron's baby for the past 10 years. When I watched an Avatar trailer on a normal screen, I find it really difficult to watch. Maybe because of its CGI looking too realistic, or the way the camera angles work or something... it doesn't feel right

So that being said, if I had the money, I wouldn't trade my TV in for one that was 3D capable. Nor will I watch youtube shows in 3D (which apparently is able to be done.)

However, I do think 3D is a good thing that should stay in the theatre/cinema market. Cinemas offering 3D films have a sense of a gimmick to offer the people. Specially with piracy nowadays causing cinema attendance to drop, keeping 3D films in cinemas will give cinema-goers an incentive they can't get anywhere else - to get a 3D experience of watching the film.

3D also can draw in the viewer more into film. And I find that doing this on a big screen in the dark is much better than trying to watch 3D on your TV. I remember seeing Spy Kids 3D in my living room on our 18 inch tv. Though this is a terrible film, making it in 3D on a small TV screen didn't enhance the experience much, or draw me in very well. 3D in cinema keeps it in an inclosed space with surround sounds. That is what makes it more enjoyable, and if it stays a cinema feature, people would continue to be drawn in by these special advantages, rather than downloading it illegally and watching it on a computer screen.

So yeah, that's my opinion on 3D. 3D in films = good. 3D at home = not so good.

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