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currently: lying in bed.

That's a real dirty sounding title...
And I apologise, but it links up to the subject of today's post.

But first off, thanks for all the birthday wishes. Being 19 feels awkward, possibly cause I don't like the number 9. But thanks for all the messages I got from different communication sources.

Anyway, my friend (well I have plenty of friends, but this is one of them...) turned 19 today, and is a big fan of Harry Potter.
So me in my birthday making present ways decided to break out the sewing kit and felt (see link to title now?) and create a Harry Potter plushie out of felt.

Check it out:

Though its hard to tell, I used a similar body pattern to Cloud which I made for my other friend a while back.
Harry wears a red tie with gold stitches (replicating Gryffindor colours, with a grey sweater vest and a white collar (which is meant to look like he has a white button up shirt underneath.) To finish it off is a pair of plain black pants and a black coat with the Gryffindor logo.

Harry has his typical round rimmed glasses which I made from wire. Though I coloured them with a sharpie/marker/texta/vivid to make the wire black but I guess the black might have rubbed off when I put the glasses on Harry.
Harry's iconic forehead scar is also stitched on under his messed up hair (which looks really weird in felt, I know, but its hard to create "scruffy" hair.)
Harry in the photo on the right has his wand in his pants. (that also sounds dirty...) I didn't want him to hold it otherwise then you can't take off the robe etc. But its still an important wizard accessory.

In these two photos you can see my attempt at the Gyffindor logo. Which is pretty much two bits of felt sewn to the robe held by gold coloured thread.
If I had a fantastic printer that could print out tiny logo crests, I would have done that instead. But that was the alternative. Enough to get the general jist of what it is.
Oh and compared to previous times where I would cut out felt for the eyes and mouth, this time I decided to use knots for the eyes, and draw on the mouth. Yes its lazy and cheating a bit, but it does look a lot better.

And here you can see the full back versions and the height measurement. He really has terrible hair. But I took my cue from youtube's Potter Puppet Pals in a way, tried to use it in my plushie but it really fails with felt. Maybe next time I'll upgrade from felt and start using proper fabrics.
Anyway, he's 10cms tall. Which compared to Cloud is shorter, but Cloud had bigger hair.

Overall this took me about 5 hours to complete non stop. I didn't eat in that time. That's how dedicated I was to it. If I had more time though, I would have hemmed that robe, it was starting to fray a bit. And maybe redo the hair again.

Though my plushies are small difficult pocket sized figures, I still think they turn out okay. Least okay enough to give them away as presents.

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