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currently: relaxing after eating pumpkin pie :)

A cellphone tour of My Auckland City.
There's this statue where I walk by between different classes which has always been famous for vandalism. Previously this statue had beer bottles on every finger, it balanced a red bull can in one hand, and that road cone used to be on it's head. This is the new vandalism. It makes me smile.

The IMAX Theatre. It isn't that curved, my cellphone twisted the image that way, and I thought it was pretty cool :)

Down Queen Street, the main CBD street in the city. Some angles you can see down the whole street.

The Civic Theatre. They hold hundreds of musicals and performances here.

Further down Queen Street, with the older styled buildings. Ever since (500) Days of Summer, I've always taken more notice to the way buildings are built. Funny enough old building are contrasted with Lippy and Glassons women's fashion stores.

The Deloitte building. I'm sure this building got nominated for an Architecture award this year. It always amazed me with the glass, lights and design. Its a very clean looking building.

Corner of Albert Street and Queen Street area, under the AA Building. In the reflection of the taller building is the Auckland Sky Tower. It looks all cool and pixelated there.

This building near Britomart, diagonally opposite Queen Street Westfield. This large oldish building had one tiny window with I ♥ U. I thought it was adorable :P

This was my Auckland City, on my cellphone :)

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