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Sunset, skirts and sleepy Saturdays.

currently: eating home made pumpkin pie. Heck yes :D Nothing is better than home made pumpkin pie.

Sorry for the lack of posting.
It's coming up to the end of the uni year. Crazy! It is going SO fast it's unimaginable.
Send some prayers my way that I can get a job for the summer though. It's really difficult - I haven't had a job after certain unmentionable ice-cream company thought they could take advantage of me and push me around. No way baby.
So just need some prayers that I'll get a fantastic job that won't try and screw me over.

Anyway, just finishing the last of my assignments, and starting exam study. I have like 2 weeks before my first exam. Not prepared at all. Eeep.
After that though, hopefully you'll be seeing plenty more of me posting.
That or at least me earning some cash with some summer job.

But for now, please enjoy these following images of stuff I've been meaning to show.

Sunset at Warkworth from the car.

The new skirt I had sewn a few weeks ago. Made out of this bold print with a black lining and a wide black elastic band. This costed maybe around $5 dollars. The material was $4 per metre (I only used less than half on the skirt), the lining $1, elastic $2 per metre (I used less than a metre), and thread was just black thread, that costs $1 though I didn't use all the black thread.

(Ignore the crooked line of stitching on the elastic. I redid it so it looked better. That was just a long stitch.)

So all together:
1/2 metre of material = $2
Lining= $1
Elastic= $2
and I would barely count thread. So make that 30 cents.

$5.30 approximately for a style of skirt that could cost $30.
Heck yes.

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