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Painting - its not relaxing.

currently: lying on my stomach in bed. This really can't be good for the back.

Who ever said painting was a relaxing thing to do lied.
Or at least they didn't live in my neighbourhood.

Yesterday's task was to paint a flower on a canvas.
Seemingly an easy task to do. Well except for the fact I've never found myself to be any good at painting (last time I painted a picture was in year 11, trying to get into Year 12 Photography. I was never really into painting.)

Anyway, I spent about 7 hours altogether painting this flower.(I took a break in the middle to road trip up to the boyfriend's college and back) The first 3 hours I did sitting at my back deck so I don't get paint on the carpets.

During those 3 hours, I didn't put on any music. It was just the natural sounds of the outside.

Well outside was natural suburbia. Which wasn't peaceful at all.
For three hours, I listened to my next door neighbour yell at his wife and swear at his lawnmower. I heard his lawn mower go on about every 20 minutes, only sounding like it was cutting a metre of grass before it made weird clanking noises.
I heard boyracers blast their TradeMe stereo systems from their cars on the street.
And last of all, I heard 2 annoying birds laughing at my painting.

Really, these birds sounded like they were laughing at my painting.

Nothing about painting can really be relaxing. Bugs fly into your canvas and get themselves stuck. You get a sore back from hunching over your paintwork. Sunblindness makes your painting too much darker than it should be. Plus all the natural noise that comes from suburbia.

And this is why I never took Year 12 Painting. Painting isn't relaxing.

Oh and btw, this is how the painting turned out:

Its decent enough for parents to put on the fridge. Not really great enough for it to be on full display in the living room.

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