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A day in the life of an unemployed student on holiday.

currently: lying in bed, been feeling a bit iffy this week - not fully sick but kinda weird enough to not want to do anything because its too tiring cause you feel iffy.

A brief conversation with Boyfriend:
Me: I have no life. I'm so lame. I'm such a loser.
Boyfriend: You're not a loser.
Me: Yes I am. I'm wasting my Friday night at home, playing Facebook games.
Boyfriend: You're not a loser. You're just bored. Why don't you write something then?
Me: I don't have a clue what to write.
Boyfriend: I'm sure you'll think of something. Write about boredom.
Me: Haha, but it will make a boring post.

Why will it make a boring post?
Cause I do nothing in my day.


Normally the time where I wake up if I don't set my alarm, or I turn off my alarm and fall back asleep. Eventually I'll roll out of bed and have a shower.


Had a shower, hence towel on head drying wet hair. I'll have my laptop, begin to check my emails and sit on the couch in front of the tv. I'll eat if I feel hungry.

Still in same spot on couch, with laptop, hoping something on Facebook would happen. But most people are still busy studying, or in Boyfriend's case, working on his final assignment. He's normally the only person that will want to talk to me. So I play games. Like Sorority Life, where a 40 year old woman will pay $2 million SL dollars to someone to attack me because she can't beat me up.

I'm out of ideas. I say night to Boyfriend then go to sleep.

And this is why writing about boredom became a boring post.

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