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currently: Christmas Eve!

What I love about Christmas is FOOD!
Homemade food made by my mum is ALWAYS amazing.
This year though, my mum said I'm doing dessert for Christmas. And most people know I can't cook, so I normally use the 3 days of working experience knowledge I've had to scoop icecream (yes, that was my job that I only worked for 3 days, scooping ice cream and making smoothies.)

So today, as a Christmas treat for my fellow "bad cooks" and "last minute dessert needers", here is my recipe for "No need to cook but still super tasty" jelly and cream cheese cheesecake :D (which you can see I've made here, here and here before.)

First off, ingredients!

You'll need:

Cream Cheese (250g)
Pack of plain sweet biscuits
Pack of jelly crystals (your choice of flavour, I'm choosing Strawberry!)
100g of butter
Boiling water (for jelly crystals)

And you'll need like a pie tray for the cheesecake, amongst other things.

Put the smackdown on your plain biscuits. (In other words, crush your biscuits into crumbs.)
Normally I like to grab a spoon or a rolling pin and beat the biscuits cause it's fun, it's not everyday you get to beat things. But you can use blenders if you're that way inclined.


Chuck the biscuit crumbs in a pie plate or something similar. There are probably names for that but I don't know them cause I don't cook. Sometimes it helps to line the dish with greaseproof paper stuff, so the base doesn't stick. But I forgot. So in the crumbs went.


Grab the scale and measure out bout 100g of butter and melt in a microwave. If you wanted a harder/more solid base, add more butter. But I don't want that, I like it a bit lose. Plus since I forgot to line the dish, it's easier if it's less butter. Plus less butter = healthier! (not that much healthier, but every bit counts.)


So butter is melted and the biscuit is crumbed. Time to mix it together! Pour your melted butter into the biscuit crumb.
Mix it all up, make sure all that biscuit crumb is all butter coated. Then start to flatten it out evenly to create the biscuit crust base. Yay, now you get a happy base :D Long as the cheesecake mixture doesn't leak out the sides.

Jelly time! Get your flavoured jelly crystals and pour out the contents into like a jug or measuring apparatus (science word!). Pour 1 1/2 cups of boiling water into it and dissolve the jelly crystals. Leave to cool (but don't let it solidify)

Okay, I forgot to take a photo in between this step, but take out the 250g of cream cheese and put it into a bowl or something where you can beat it with those mix beater things. (Again, sorry, I don't spend enough time in the kitchen to be able to name the utensils). Gradually add the cooled liquid jelly to the cream cheese and keep beating till it looks good and blended :D


Now, pour the mixture into the pie dish, where you put your biscuit base.

Pop the bubbles that surface. Cause otherwise you're left with a cheesecake surface that could resemble a 15 year old boy's acne covered face. Awkward.


And that's it! You're done! Chuck it (don't actually chuck, but put it carefully) into the fridge for it to set. Give it a while to set. Like a few hours. Then once the mixture has become solid, it's good to eat!

So enjoy! Hopefully you manage to enjoy this. It's one recipe I haven't really screwed up too much or poisoned anyone, so it's really simple.

You know it's a simple recipe if I can't stuff it up. It's earns double points for tasting pretty good too :D

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