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currently: lying in bed

Did you miss me?
Yeah I figured not.

Nothing exciting has happened since I posted a month ago (see this post for explanation). I had been feeling sick again last week thanks to some stomach issue and a possible intolerance to onions... But I'm better now and have actually gotten off the laptop to do some stuff.

For example, I've done some Christmas shopping:

(It's an ice tray in the shape of dentures. So you put your ice teeth in your drink so it looks like someone left their teeth in the glass. Amazing XD)

Made a cheesecake:

Had my first experience standing in line to get into a bar for an hour before leaving:

(No,not the best experience.)

Saw some epic Christmas lights nearby:

And took a midnight walk on the beach with Boyfriend.

So I've done a few things. But not a lot.

Oh and I got a new sewing mannequin! A very belated birthday/early Christmas present from the parents. So hopefully I'll start cranking out some stuff :D

In the meantime, stay well, don't eat lots of onions and I make no apologies for writing more posts soon.

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