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currently: really warm. The weather here is only 20 degrees at the moment, but I have a laptop on me breathing out hot air. Uncomfortable right now...

So I had a bit of a WTF moment while I was checking NZ Herald just before.

I had misread it. Thinking "Oprah Winfrey is dead" and preceding to go "WTF WTF WTF (What the face)" in my head.

But no, they were talking about how her show is ending.
Anti-climax. I saw that coming.

Anyway, today is the last day of 2010. And it's gonna go down how it normally goes down. I'll go to my friend's place tonight. They'll do a bit of drinking, and I'll be on a Vanilla Coke sugar high bouncing on the trampoline. It's pretty much tradition for me (though one year I had Lemon and Lime Bitters instead of plain soft drinks. That was nice)

(Obviously 5 years of graphics and art didn't seem to teach me much in terms of drawing...)
I also made my lemon cheesecake for tonight. Let's hope no one pukes cause of it :D

Now normally people go and talk bout their resolutions and talk bout what they accomplished.
I won't do that. Cause I failed half of it. And there were only 4. (you can see it here anyway and take a guess which ones I didn't do. Though to be fair, I did sorta complete them all. Just not really.)

What I do plan is to sew more, starting with this vest I'm doing on my brand new sewing dress form :D

It's currently not sewn together, just all pinned up. It's made from the legs of jeans my sister had cut off to make shorts (which she didn't end up using because the jeans didn't fit her in the first place.)

So I've got myself a pair of short shorts, and am making a denim vest out of the leftover legs so there's no waste. (-That really sounded like the strangest sentence ever.)

Anyway, better finish off what's left of this 2010. Kiwi BBQ tonight (though to be fair, my family's BBQ involves Chinese fried rice so it's not completely Kiwi) then party to the new year with my good friends (while I use my friend's trampoline. Yeah I'm that sort of person.)

Sweet as. :D

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