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currently: bit too dark for my liking.

So my New Year's Resolution was not to stop posting on my blog. So sorry internet, I'm cluttering you up again.
I've been spending my time since New Years with friends, at the sewing machine, or outside shopping.
Or if not, playing on my new cellphone I had to get after I broke my old one by dropping it on the concrete and breaking the LCD screen.

Not the best start to the year.
But it has been an amazing summer so far.

Yesterday, got to go to Wendelholm, north of Auckland. Me and Boyfriend went kayaking in a family friend's kayaks, and had a picnic along the shoreline with our families and friends. I got to see my family friend's daughter in the sundress I had made for her.

She looked so super cute :)

Using a free BurdaStyle pattern, it was made out of scrap Stage Challenge material (yellow gingham cotton and yellow satin) and re-used lace from an old denim lace mini I had made when I was younger. The buttons were the only things I bought so all together the cost is 60 cents: 20 cents for each button.
She is only 14 months, so I had to take a size 2 pattern and shrink it a bit. It's still a bit big but she'll grow for sure. :)

I think what's great about living in New Zealand is how amazing a view can be just from an ordinary hilltop.
These was taken on the way to Orewa

Even driving is so peaceful and relaxing in the summertime.
I was driving the car, so I got my sis to take this picture in the mirror.

I love the colours in the sky on a clear, cool summer's night.

It's nothing short of fantastic :)

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