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How an ant caused destruction to my laptop (temporarily)

currently: sitting in my room, watching for ants.

So my house has been having a bug problem lately. Maybe it's the summer weather and the sudden influx of ants and sandflies. Maybe its the fact that because our house was probably built by 1970s tripped up builders leaving it unprotected with various holes and cracks for ants to crawl through. Where ever the problem lies, I've been getting ants crawling into my bedroom from somewhere.

We bug bombed the house recently, so I'm not suppose to get the occasional ant crawling across my walls, but somehow, one managed to bypass all the fumes and started crawling on my laptop.

I thought "Oh naive ant. You must die for invading my house and now touching my stuff."

I went to squish it. But I missed.
And that's when the ant did something I didn't expect to happen.

It went "Muhaha!" then crawled under my ALT key.

Well okay, I didn't hear it do an evil "Muhaha" laugh. But I'm sure it did as it crawled under my ALT key.
So now I had a black ant, crawling under my black keys on my keyboard. Camouflaged. And it wouldn't come out.


I turned to Facebook, seeing if I could get some help or support.
Hmphf. Should have seen that coming.

I took matters into my own hands. With a piece of cardboard, cutting it into something sharp and pointy, I started poking under my keys, hoping that maybe the evil and invasive ant would come crawling out for mercy.

Instead, I break my spacebar.

With my blind stabbing attempts, I had taken out the centre rubber button of my spacebar. My spacebar was as flat and lifeless as Myspace.

It's a good thing I have the great skill of being able to fix things with my hands. Seriously, I'm like a female Asian version of MacGyver sometimes. Broke your necklace? I can fix it. Fan strangely blowing air the wrong way? I'll get the wires fixed the right way. Your zipper broke and you have to dance on stage in half an hour? Give me 5 safety pins and a bottle of red facepaint. Bam.

(It's also a good thing I have a boyfriend that knows how to fix laptops, and access to Youtube where there are instruction videos on how to repair stuff.)

So after half an hour later, a bit of superglue and Boyfriend reading my texts accusing the ant for my current problems, I finally fixed my laptop.

Me: Finally, laptop is all fixed now. Thanks for the help.
Boyfriend: That's great. Hope the ant got it's punishment!

No it didn't. I still can't find the ant.


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