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Day 14 of Malaysia - High to see city skies

currently: sleepy

Everyone needs one of those days to relax.
For me, it was today.
After spending the last week or so having full on 14 hour days out and about, today was the day to just sleep in and take it easy. I really needed it, but I relaxed so much that the whole day just passed by with nothing happening. I felt incredibly tired from just doing nothing.

My cousin nicely offered to take us somewhere where I could get snap happy with the camera. And so despite having nothing accomplished today, I decided to tag along and see this mysterious place we were driving to.

We were taken to a place thoughtfully called the Ampang "Look Out Point" in Selangor.
And to get where we wanted to go, we needed to walk 100 stairs up the side of the mountain.
100 stairs isn't too bad. We got given encouraging messages up the stairs:

(what would have been more encouraging is to see an escalator, but I digress.)

The view from up there was just amazing. I'm really surprised not many people know about this sort of place.

It was just fantastic up there.
From the photos, you can clearly see KL's Petronas Towers (and more blurred by the fog; KL Tower)

We decided to sit at one of the like 6 restaurant/cafes up that mountain for some late night snackage. They're all competing to get you to sit at their food place, appearing kinda desperate as you pass them while they call out how great their food is.
At the one cafe we went to, I got myself a smoothie/icecream blended thing called a "sleeping beauty" - made with chocolate and blueberries.

It tasted fantastic at first - a lot like a berry Trumpet icecream or something. But somewhere along the way, as I reached the halfway point of the drink - it started tasting terrible. I could not finish it because of some strange after taste that was making me feel sick. So I left it up there as my cousin used the smoothie liquid to kill ants. In return, I got to see an excellent view. Wished the food was worth it though, otherwise it could have become one of my favourite spots in Kuala Lumpur.

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