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Day 13 of Malaysia - It's not a rich man's world, it's a great exchange rate.

currently: still awake and not tired.

So you know how I said I'd try to post earlier?
I lied.
And surprisingly enough, for 2am KL time, I'm not tired.
But I'm going to try and post this as fast as possible, otherwise I'm gonna knock my body clock out of synch with KL time, and I don't need to do that until I leave Malaysia next week or so.

Today's trip was back to the city again, but this time to the area of Sungei Wang.
There's some great shopping areas around KL city, such as Sungei Wang, Lot 10 and the Pavillion (known to be incredibly pricey).
I took this photo outside Lot 10 at about 12pm today:

When I came out again to go catch our ride, it was about 9:30pm:
That's how long I pretty much stayed in the city.
Well actually, by the time I had left, it was 10pm.
And you could see the KL Tower pretty clearly:

What's great about places like Sungei Wang is that there are so many stores all laid about on about 5-6 levels, and they're all incredibly cheap.
Well incredibly cheap if you think about it in terms of NZ dollars.

Here's what I bought today:

if 1NZD=2.39RM then this necklace costs $2.71NZD!




So when I say how great shopping is in Malaysia - one of the main reasons is because everything in comparison to buying stuff in New Zealand is really cheap. I mean lace dresses can costs like $30 in NZ, and that type of necklace maybe $10-15NZD.
To be honest, I'm still a complete cheapskate though - I wouldn't pay 40RM for a piece of clothing.
At times like this, I wouldn't mind earning Australian money...

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