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currently: by the air conditioner.

One of the hardest parts of being in Malaysia is dealing with the heat.

You see, in Auckland where I normally reside - weather at its hottest during summer can be about 30 degrees Celsius - its a very dry heat. That's when the ice cream, ice blocks, electric fans and the need to sit inside the freezer come along.

In Malaysia - that same sort of temperature is outside too but very hot and humid, so being inside (whether in the air conditioned mall or inside a cool house) is always a better option than being outside.
But inside, you always need the air conditioner or fan on, otherwise you will feel the need to fall asleep in the heat.

That's what I did for most of this afternoon - either feel sleepy or actually asleep because of the heat.
Today there was no rain until late at night. Afternoon rain for the 13 out of the previous 15 days meant that it was thankfully a bit cooler during the day. Not today though.
After 20 minutes after lunch, while sitting in the room trying to get some assignment done, I fell asleep in what I like to call the "Mattress starfish" position.
The idea is to try and find as much cool space as possible on the bed to earn ultimate coolness. Normally I start face down but then have to flip over because breathing into the mattress becomes too hot. But I'll maintain Mattress Starfish just so my body is able to cool down. And normally while doing so, I'll fall asleep.
Humidity here is like it's own blanket.

It becomes an annoying balance at night. I have to share my mattress, so there is no possibility of a mattress starfish because of the lack of space. And then the fan (which is pretty noisy) has to stay on ALL night in order for us to stay cool and not overheat while sleeping. I sit closest to the fan, and so often during the night, my face and shoulders will get cold, but my legs are really warm. The best way for me to stay cool is to move half my body OUT of the mattress, and onto the marble floor to cool. The in the morning I find myself waking up in semi-sore positions, having a cold face and stiff legs from them lying on the floor.

The need to achieve ultimate comfort is just so hard to achieve in Malaysia. I don't know how the residents get used to it. But to be honest, I am a child that grew up in colder Auckland, and I actually prefer cold weather to hot. It's going to be a shock to the system once I go from 27 degrees Kuala Lumpur to 17 degrees Auckland.

Anyway, before I go to bed, here's something I want to share with you:
Milo ice cream!

Okay, so one of the better things about Malaysia is how much they LOVE Milo. And I LOVE milo too. I can't drink coffee, can't handle alcohol - Milo is pretty much what's left. Anyway, found this at Jusco today - 5.50RM for 4 tubs of Milo ice cream. And it comes with free spoons inside! Delicious :P
(Oh and if you don't find Milo ice cream fascinating, the other day I saw a TWO KG bag of Milo selling for 27RM. TWO KILOGRAMS! That is a MASSIVE load of Milo. I would love to pack some but I wouldn't have a clue how I would fit that in my suitcase back to NZ.)

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