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Day 17 of Malaysia - weddings, western tarts and wet markets

currently: getting ready to go to bed.

Well today was definitely a big day in history.
Like many others, I too watched today's Royal Wedding between Prince Will and Kate Middleton. I didn't intend to at first, but curiosity to watch the big moment got the better of me. I think I wasted 4 hours sitting in front of the TV...I wish I watched the highlights reel instead of sitting through all that, but at least the memory counts in some way.

Not a great deal happened today other than watching the wedding. Today for lunch, I had KFC. And though I should be criticised for making the choice again to eat crummy western food - I did get something unique from there: KFC Egg Tarts.
I have always been one to enjoy a good egg tart when I get the chance, and KFC had these vouchers for 1RM egg tarts - so I thought I may give it a try. It wasn't bad. Very buttery in terms of pastry, and the egg itself was very custard like. Still pretty decent for a fast food egg tart.

Oh and if you wanted to know: KFC chicken seems bigger here in Malaysia, their spicy chicken isn't as spicy though, their potato and gravy has a lot more pepper, and their coleslaw is pretty terrible. :)

Tonight we also made a special trip to go to one of the night markets that happens a lot here in Malaysia. I've been wanting to go to one for the past few days, but because of the cruddy weather in the late afternoons/nights it has made it pretty impossible to go. Tonight any expected rain didn't occur from this morning to 8pm - so we got the 'all-good' to go.

Night markets are fascinating places to see.

There you can experience all sorts of sights, sounds and smells (not necessarily all pleasant mind you.)
At a night market, they normally have set days where they will close of some streets so people can set up stalls along the block off roads. You can see people selling different foods, ipod protectors, clothing, accessories, lingerie, toys, pirated music and movies, and sometime people try to sing on the streets, or offer services where they can scrape the moles of your face (not kidding.)
They're always such busy and crowded places, because most people know you can be bound to find good deals here. Mind you, not all this stuff will be guaranteed to be good quality. I mean, you're buying it off the side of a road - it's all at your own risk.

Unfortunately we didn't get to spend as much time as I would have wanted there. Didn't get to buy anything too. This was all thanks to the spitting of rain that began while we were halfway through the markets. When the possibility of rain starts here in Malaysia, people just start fleeing because you don't know when or how hard the rain will fall. So pretty much at the first warning that another down pouring may begin, all the vendors began to throw things back into their vans and cover all their merchandise.

I should have thought to buy an umbrella from the umbrella stand I saw earlier in the markets...

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