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Day 2 of Malaysia - Food, glorious food?

currently: too warm to think properly.

It's easy to go and eat out in Malaysia. And when I say easy, I mean you could walk down the street in the suburbs here and grab hot food 24 hours a day.

On the streets and the sides of the roads you'll often find food stalls selling stuff from fruit to hot dogs. (I'm not too sure who would want to buy a hot dog right next to a busy intersection - but hey, people are into this sort of thing.)
Their food also comes at ridiculously cheap prices when you buy from the side of the road - though I may be finding them cheap just because $1 NZD equals to 2.30RM here in Malaysia. So $2NZD is about the price of a meal in Malaysia.

The trip I took today was a short drive from where we were staying, to a place that serves Indian Roti. Now roti is fantastic because it can be eaten in so many different ways, as either a sweet or a savoury - and for all meals.
Today's meal of the day was a variation of roti called roti telur - which is roti with egg. This was served with dal (the yellow stuff) and some sort of spicy curry thing which I've forgotten what it's called. And then a can of soya bean on the side.
In some ways, roti is like a pancake. But it starts of as a dough which stretched and folded before it's cooked on a hot plate, so it's not like the liquid mixture of pancake. What's also different is that I could eat the roti plain if I wanted to because the dough is nice on its own, I couldn't do the same for a pancake.

And one minor thing I did try today was something I have previously avoided...
The durian.
You see, the durian is considered a delicacy and a very royal sort of fruit. But its prickly and smells disgusting. You don't even have to crack that baby open to get a whiff of its potency (which means yes, the smell does become worse when you cut into the durian). I was more forced to try some rather than try out of my own will...and the taste thankfully isn't too bad. The texture is quite creamy and soft, a bit like eating a ripe mango or something. And you don't smell it too much while eating it. But yeah, being around a durian means the smell lingers on your clothes for ages - so if you do get, bring air freshener with you.

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