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Today has been a long day of shopping, and ice monsters.
We took a trip to The Mines today. You may remember this name from my first round of Asia blog posts where I talked about the Mines and the cool lantern/lights things they had around at the time.

Well this time, there was no outdoor lantern/light festival. Instead today was about going to shop through the 5-20 levels there were in this thing. (I don't know accurately how many levels there are. But there was a lake.)

 Despite shopping around there for 5 hours or something - the only thing I had bought the entire time was an icy treat for lunch.

This is what we had gotten between our group. 1 ABC, 1 Mango Monster (which was mine) and 1 Cendol.

ABC is known as Ice Kachang - which really means shaved ice. This is pretty much the most traditional Malaysian Chinese dessert - because its good for horrible humid weather. It contains shaved ice, rose syrup, jelly, lychee, red bean, corn, coconut milk, condensed milk, and other stuff that this store put in specifically as their style.

Cendol is another traditional dessert which I'm not the biggest fan of. Mainly cause the green stuff is a bit tasteless, and they look like weird leeches. I mean look at that thing. It looks like there's these weird bright green slug like creatures eating into this. But its alright - they're not real leech like green things. I think they're made out of rice flour and food colouring or something. This is also served with shaved ice, red beans, sago, coconut milk and palm sugar for sweetness.

And then we come to what I ordered.
so this is the store's special called "Mango Monster". And it really was a monster mound when it was given to me. I love mangoes, and mangoes grow really well in Malaysia (it being part tropic and all.) So my "mango monster" featured cubed pieces of mango on top of a shaved ice snowball, covered with mango puree, a bit of coconut milk, and sago.

It was actually really tasty because it was nice and sweet and cooling for the humid weather (though when I got to the end of it, I was pretty cold.)

For some reason while I was eating it, I was digging into the snowball and kept going till it made an ice cavern. So I took a picture.
It looks like some weird melted frog.

And then my sister copied and made hers look like a monster too.
Looks like something out of Monsters Inc.

Won't get these sort of things in New Zealand.

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