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currently: telling you to google translate the title.

My ideal post for today would feature something along these lines:
But no, it doesn't.

You see, I had NO IDEA that Switchfoot was coming to KL the night before I hop back on a plane back to NZ. So when I found out a couple of weeks ago that they were making an appearance here the exact same time as me - I was excited.
The only problem is, I wasn't prepared with money for the tickets, nor did I have a ride to get there.

One of my relatives here though had plans to attend the concert, and was willing to take us there if we were going to buy tickets - so good news!

And then the front section tickets sold out.
And then my relative's mum got sent to hospital.

So there went the plans. To be honest, I'm okay with it. For some reason, if I was going to listen to my favourite band, I'd much prefer to 1) be prepared for it with money, and 2) be around people who speak the same language as me. I mean Switchfoot do speak English and all - but everyone else around me pretty much doesn't. So in case of like a tsunami or fire or something - I wouldn't have a clue what to do.
This of course would be a different scenario if I was to travel to California for example and hear them perform there. Cause I know the Californian word for Fire. It's Fire.

One day, when I do have the money and understand more Malay than I do right now (other than Selamat Datang - which means Welcome), then maybe I will get the chance to attend a concert overseas. For the meanwhile, I don't mind waiting. Mind you, this is both Jimmy Eat World in Auckland, and Switchfoot in Malaysia I've both missed. But I won't dwell on that (anymore.)

Anyway, I don't have a great deal to share with you today. Most of it was spent either sleeping, eating fish for breakfast, and having a sore stomach from something (I don't know what...).

This afternoon (when my stomach was fine) I had this:
This is the Rainbow Lolo I had, from the Fruitworld restaurant or something. Sorry the picture is blurred - ran out of camera battery on the fancy camera (you can see another one in the background.)
I have to say, this was pretty refreshing to eat. It's like ice kachang with the shaved ice and all, but with sliced up fruits. So it has cubed watermelon and melon, sliced strawberries, sliced mangoes (and typically sliced kiwifruit but I'm allergic), on top of this shaved ice mountain that has been infused with sweet yam/taro - so the ice is purple. It's all pretty tasty (and normally I don't like sweet yam stuff.) Malaysia is great for all these cold desserts - frankly though, they need it in this overwhelming humid heat. Heat which I will be leaving in 24 hours time...

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