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A $600 university paper leads me to do this.

currently: full of cereal.

This took me like an hour to do today watching this video multiple times.

Apologies for the lack of posting again. It's like when you return to normal life, nothing is interesting anymore.

Unless you count this interesting:

Yup, the Asian that I am made a Sailor Moon costume for a party I went to.
Made this within 4 hours that morning using scrap blue fabric, red satin, my white v-neck tee and a pair of $3 white gloves.
I also bought a $10 blonde wig which made me realise I shouldn't be blonde.

I don't know why though, but when I put on a blonde wig, it's somewhat exciting. Maybe it's because I have black hair which is difficult and expensive to dye, or maybe it's just the new instant look I love. I think I'm quite into wigs now :)

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