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currently: going to focus. Soon.

Notes: Check.
Highlighters: Check.
Raisins to snack on cause it's much more healthier than chips: Check.

Playing Angry Birds on Chrome - Fail.

Exam studying is not going as it's planned right now.
Call it Assignment wind-down, but after staying up till 3am on Friday morning trying to perfect my design assignments, it is like all motivation and strength has gone.

Food label and Icon design by ~Marshmellowpuff on deviantART

Altered Origami Reality by ~Marshmellowpuff on deviantART

What has frustrated me is that I have not gotten a single A grade so far this semester. So you'd think that this would motivate me to study.
It isn't.

So I'm playing Angry birds. Maybe I'll hope that I'll get angry enough myself that I will start tackling the 6 topics I need to study for.

Till then, pigs will be crushed (on Angry Birds...)

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