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Reasons why we should love Australia (or at least stop giving them a hard time)

currently: chilling after an awesome night.

So yesterday, me, Boyfriend, and some of my good mates headed down to 'The Cloud' at Auckland's Waterfront to watch the Aussie vs Welsh rugby game.It was real good, even though it was incredibly windy down there. People were mainly Welsh fans at the big screen, so they cheered whenever they scored a goal:

It was a great time there though - and tonight, the big final! NZ vs France - so excited!

Anyway, I wrote this for the last 'debate magazine' issue for this year. First full page article for a while hahah. And it was written before Aussie's semifinal against NZ.But I guess this can be dedicated to their Bronze finish in this year's Rugby World Cup :)
Reasons why we should love Australia
(or at least stop giving them a hard time)
Aussies. We see them like the annoying big brothers who always go to mess up our hair and remind us that our place is meant to be in their shadow. At the time I write this, NZ and the big island of Oz have yet to go into their epic ANZAC battle over the distorted ball. And right now we’re all ready with our slam talk and verbal smackdown. But it needs to be remembered that whatever the result is on Sunday (hopefully a good All Blacks result), we still have many reasons to appreciate our Tasman bro. Cause us Kiwis can share some love (but not our Cup if we get it.)
Koala bears:
They’re the adorable grey bears we want to carry on our backs and cuddle the fuzz out of them. Have you seen a picture of a sleeping koala? This article should be filled with pictures of sleeping koala bears. It’s like looking at cute cat pictures, except they’re fatter. 
Home and Away/Neighbours:
I don’t watch either of these shows. To be honest, they sound exactly the same to me – a show about good looking high school kids and their families that live near a beach or something. But I’ve heard people here like watching it, so that’s another plus for the Aussies.
Steve Irwin:
Rest in peace you daring and iconic ‘Crocodile Hunter’. No one can ever hate your khaki uniform, or the “crikey” catchphrase, and your love of wildlife cannot be denied to the world. However, we can deny those who try to do very bad impersonations of you. There’s only one Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter.
Gold Coast:
Sorry Rainbows End. We know that you try hard to be a decent theme park for New Zealand, but you lose out to the Gold Coast. Dreamworld, Sea World, Movie World – there may be no Disneyland, but at least it doesn’t come with a $2000 plane ticket to California.
It’s hotter there:
Admit it; you’re over the cold weather here. Just when it seems like it’s getting warmer, the temperature drops and suddenly it feels like winter again. Well right now in Sydney, temperatures are reaching the mid-20s. And as an added bonus, if you also hate the “green grass and forest” look, you will enjoy the over 40% of desert that covers the surface of Australia.
Danger factor:
Australia is filled with big poisonous snakes and ugly spiders. Dangerous. So imagine how you’d impress the ladies when you share stories of how you wrestled poisonous snakes and survived life-threatening spider bites while in Australia. It sounds better than telling a story of how you beat up a weta with a gumboot.
Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman:
They are good looking and talented Australians. It can’t be denied.
Australia is a big island. The population of Sydney alone is predicted to be bigger than New Zealand’s entire population. So if New Zealand just feels to be a bit uneventful, your upsize is just a plane trip over the sea. Australia has a bigger history, bigger shopping, bigger beaches, and a big fat red rock in the middle of the country. It’s all upsized.
Forever connected by the Anzacs:
No matter how much we slag off the Aussies and criticise everything they do, you can’t break the bonds between New Zealand and Australia. We stood together through not one, but two world wars. And since then, they’ve always been the first to help take care of us in a state of emergency, and we send what we can to take care of them. Our country may be treated like Australia’s little brother, but Australia knows how to be the caring big brother when it counts. And we can share those tasty Anzac bikkies together.
So Aussies, we look forward to finding the result of this epic World Cup clash. If the result is you winning, we’ll try to support you to the end. But if we do win the game, give us a bit of credit. We just want to be seen as just as good as our big brother.

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