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currently: lying in a chair, not studying.

Happy Weekend!
I have yet to do much studying this past couple of weeks. Last week was taken up editing my last digital media assignment for the year. This last project was to create a blood donation PSA (public service announcement), and I spent hours slaving over After Effects to get it done by Friday morning. Here are some images from the ad:

Thanks anyway to my friend Courtney who appeared in my project, and to Boyfriend for letting me use his computer :)

So I haven't had a lot of time to get out lately, except for work and going to Boyfriend's computer, all thanks to some health issues. But I've had many ideas for new post ideas that I can't wait to share with you, maybe once I've finished exams. So stay tuned/logged on for them!

For today's post though, I want to start up a new type of "segment" or something that I want to showcase more on my blogs - cause I spend a lot of time doing this!
Now the story behind this goes.... me and Anne-Marie (from thriftlovelife) are big clothing shoppers who spend time around uni shopping around Queen Street.
One lunch, me and her went past the Lippy store on Queen Street (in Auckland City) where she noticed this $80 dress in the shop window.
As she rushed in, the following conversation went along the lines of how amazing she thought the dress was, and how overpriced it really was where I began breaking down it's garment construction to the point where I stated that the dress could be made for LESS than $20.

After we left and I went home, the ludicrous pricing of the dress stuck in my mind to the point where I decided to draw out visually WHY I thought this dress was so expensive, and how it could be made for a quarter of the dress's full retail price at home.

So, for the first time, I give you my fashion breakdown on Lippy's "Cape Dress":
(click to enlarge)

See? So simple! Who said that fashion had to be so expensive?
And I've officially dubbed Lippy as the Retail Ripoff due to it's overpriced clothing. I'm waiting for them to post a picture of this other top that I saw in their shop windows, so I can do another fashion breakdown on that.

So do you like this possible new feature on my blog?
Let me know if you're wanting a fashion breakdown on something and I can try my best!

But first, I should be finishing these exams!

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