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currently: thinking about cupcakes. Nom.

Yup, I have finished my exams, which means I am officially on Summer Break! *throws confetti*

Dancing Bacon knows where it's at.

Anyway, now the plan is what to do with this four months worth of time.
One part is working on my Christmas presents. In fact, I have been working on one specific Christmas present since August. I have been THAT on to it (and that slow at finishing it.)
Another part will be working full time now. Hooray for the fact I can actually WORK somewhere for decent pay.
And another part will be dedicating myself to all the art projects I've been dying to do since... well since University started. Those unfinished sewing projects... so ashamed that they've still been sitting around.
But chances are I'll be doing this with my free time. Just not the unemployed part.

And of course I intend to blog heaps, which is why I have created another "Fashion Breakdown" of this top:

Again I turn to Lippy/Wild Pair which seems to be the criminal of overpaid clothes.
Check it out below:
Hopefully that makes some sense.
What's great about doing this top yourself is:
1) You can choose how long you want the fringe to be. If you're like me and hate crop tops (I find I'm too short to pull them off) then it doesn't have to stop at your waist.
2) You can CHOOSE your colour. Doesn't have to be black if you don't want it to be. Make it bright pink, or blue! Bright colours are in this season.
3) You don't need to buy a new top - thrift one! A new top is $10 brand new, but you can use existing clothes in your closet, or buy a cheap 2nd hand for less than $5! Even more savings, and you'd be recycling!
4) It doesn't require you to be a top sewer. All you need is a sharp pair of scissors, and for you to cut straight and neatly.
5) You can also do this in front of the TV ;D

And if you don't like the thickness of the fringe when you cut it off the tee, you can buy specific tassel fringing at a local Fabrics/DIY store, sew it to the bottom for a more elegant fringe. And you'd be able to plait it the same way.

So if you have any suggestions on what I should do a breakdown of - let me know :) Always love encouraging some DIY in your life.

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