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currently: Christmas!

Merry Christmas to your lovely virtual faces :)
Today I hope you'll get off the computer and share some good times and good food with the ones you care about and are stuck being related to :P
The tradition in our household here in sunny Auckland is to celebrate Christmas over two days. First day is always with the fam, having a big feed at dinner time and opening a few presents at midnight (or as close as we can get to midnight...)
And then tomorrow is spent going to church in the morning and celebrating with our church family friends.

Christmas should always be spent with the ones you love, never alone.
So I hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration, remembering the birth of the Lord Jesus, and the importance of family and togetherness :)
And to celebrate, here are pictures of our family feed, because my mum is an amazing cook. Hope you get your share of tasty treats too!

Much love for this Christmas :)

The ever delicious dinner!
Our version of "stuffing"
Roast potatoes, courgettes, carrots and kumura  
Sparkling grape juice - only for special days :)
A heaping plate of delicious :P
And for dessert - homemade strawberry sorbet with grapes. Love you mum!

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