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currently: listening to 'Coming Home' for the twentieth time while lying in bed.

Well hello you, and hello new year.
Sorry for the lack of posting since Christmas. I've just been so busy hanging out with people and partying lots like a fool.
Here's proof:
Yup, it's just been going off.

Anyway, let me just start off my first post for the year by saying I have made no resolutions other than to make it through this year as best as I can. I mean I can't entirely say I'm looking forward to the possible events of this year; it being the last (and toughest) year of uni, with a difficult time table and painful workload ahead. That and the fact I will be turning the eventful Two One (21). Oh and there's some stuff bout Mayans not buying themselves a new calendar for next year. But I'm sure that won't end up catastrophically.

I do plan to be posting regularly this year still. Whether or not it is as lousy as this post will be debatable. Even when I'm not posting, I'm still always thinking about posting. I have a lot of posts lined up, just need the time to get them written out.

So do expect more soon! I'm gonna take a break eventually from all this party rocking to share more tales, fashion, reviews and stuff that you never really needed to know about in the first place.

Till then, everyday I'm shuffling.

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