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Top 10 Reasons to go to University

currently:  getting ready for uni. *sigh* uni.

Top 10 reasons why you should bother to get out of bed each morning and go to university.

1) People think you're smart.
University = proof you have a brain. Or at least attempting to use it.

2) Being at university is better than being unemployed.
Because you could be out and about studying and being poor, as opposed to being home and poor.

3) You could get to have an epic cap/gown throwdown when you graduate like at the end of Legally Blonde.
If you don't understand, click here and skip to 2:44

4) You will meet new people who will be kinda similar to you.
For example, if you're an accounting nerd, all of the people around you will be accounting nerds. And if you all don't like it, you can all complain together. How's that for bonding.

5) You will learn useless crap.
For example, I learnt in my "Introduction to Popular Culture" class that:

Rugby teaches men and boys the rules of life through:
  • How to deal with confrontation –tackling, force, aggressive talking: dangerous masculinity in harming men
  • How to deal with pain
  • The importance of competition
  • How to suppress anxiety
  • The importance of honour
  • The rules of mateship
  • How to drink
  • The acceptability of using violence (the crowd cheering a punch-up on the field)
Yup. Who knew. And who cared.

6) The government will help you to pay for your new shoes study.
Hooray for interest free student loans in New Zealand!

7) You have full excuse to be opinionated and argue against the oppression of "the man".
Because educated = validated complainer. Isn't this math fun?

8) You can join clubs.
And when I say join clubs, I mean start your own tab at the local student bar.

9) Students have the benefits of student discounts.
Because everyone enjoys getting 20% off a $140 haircut.

10) You make mum and dad proud of you.
Because it's one step closer for them to get you out of their house and not be an embarrassment to them.

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