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Top 5: Raccoons, Good Times and Inverted Apples Pies

currently: Keeping warm in my pjs on the couch.

So I hope you've all been well! I've been pretty busy at my magazine internship which has been incredibly fun and full of challenges. But more on that at another time ;D

Anyway, again I apologise for the slackness in posts. Frankly it's becoming more difficult to make time to write in my blog. I am not exactly the fastest writer, and some of my DIYs for example can take me a whole day to write with illustrations and processing pictures and everything.

But I hope that this new thing on my blog can at least give some sort of weekly update with things to share. There had been a time where I did this but frankly that didn't last long at all. So to make it easier to follow and just simple to understand, hopefully this can stick!

I present to you my first ever Top 5 for this week!:
The Top 5. Top things to check out.

1) Top Song: Good Time - Owl City feat. Carly Rae Jepsen
Okay everyone was so quick to write off Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen as One Hit Wonders. But no, it will not happen with this track. Making the prediction now - this will be the US Summer Hit. And my birthday jam by the time it comes around. This has feel good number one Top 40 track all over it.
And this is probably one of the first few Adam Young songs that doesn't mention bizarre dream-like things of rainbow coloured colours and snowflakes that say hello.

2) Top DIY: Inside Out Apple Pies from Tiny Urban Kitchen

An old post, but a cut I LOVE apple pie. Legit love it. I ate two massive bowlfuls on Friday night. Frankly, I should not be let loose onto a dessert buffet. Either way, don't these just look delicious? Maybe a bit difficult to eat but hey, I'd go for it. I can't bake either but still.
(image credit to Tiny Urban Kitchen)

3) Top News: Baby Raccoon Stuck In A Michigan Sewer Grate

From Click on Detroit last Friday, a Raccoon got its head stuck in a grate, leading to one of the most adorable images ever.
I know raccoons are meant to be pests and all - but look at that face.

4) Top Photo:
I took this at my church's event last Friday, called the "Mid-Winter Christmas Dinner" or something. No editing to this photo, it just managed to look like than and it was enough for me.

5) Top Product: Black and White Stripped Leggings

While I can't actually name a place in New Zealand that sells these, I can't help but think these leggings are awesome. And it mainly has to do with one female:
Kimbra's pants look fantastic on her, and while lack the height, long leg length and general physique to pull off such a look, I think these are awesome.

And that's it. My Top 5 for this week. Come back next week for the next round! (I hope ;D)

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