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Top 5: The Newsroom, Hollywood and lots of cats

currently: eating cranberries.

Another week, another Monday, another Top 5.
And it's July! Big things are happening this month. Big things.
But tomorrow will be my last day of my internship. And I can't wait to share what I've learnt.
Also, I've taken it upon myself to join my church fast and go without certain things. And my certain thing is Facebook. Do I think I'll survive? Probably. Would I become really bored? Yes.

Anyway, back to this week's Top 5!

The Top 5. This week's useless list of stuff.
1) Top Song: Hollywood - Marina and the Diamonds
I have been loving Marina and the Diamonds since Primadonna has been playing on the radio. While I've made Primadonna my current theme song (what girl doesn't want to take everything she can from the world?), I've been going through her singles playlist listening to all her old stuff. Marina is an amazing performer, and there's something fun and real about her that just makes her so appealing (which makes it all the more annoying when people compare Marina to Lana Del Rey). And this song is fantastic. It sums up my own feelings towards Hollywood; how we're so consumed by it even though it is some of the trashiest crappiest things in the worst. Plus, her acoustic performance is flawless.

2) Top DIY: DIY Quotes on Canvas
[image from Southern Belle Soul, Mountain Bride Heart]
DIY isn't hard at all, it's just creative! This is an amazing DIY that doesn't require too much skill (for those people who think DIY is just for the artistically talent). What I love about it is just all the ways you can personalise it for yourself, or the person that you could give this to. It's given me plenty of ideas!

3) Top News: Cat Divorce: Israeli Man Divorces Wife Over Her 550 Cats
I posted this link on my friend's Facebook and the response from it was pretty much the same with me - 550 cats is astonishing.

4) Top [Moving] Picture: The Newsroom series d├ębut:
Call it weird for me to enjoy a TV series about The Newsroom, but I do. Well at least the first episode. Though it was a bit lengthy, some of the characters I adore. Dev Patel (aka Slumdog Millionare) along with Alison Pill and John Gallagher Jr. have become my favourites on the show. I want to be besties with them. And maybe I'm just suffering #newsroomstories withdrawls from my university friends. But it is a good first episode. It takes a bit of effort to get into, but you'll be compelled when the action hits and things get busy.

5) Top Product: Motorcycle with drum kit.
No one knows where it comes from, or where it is. But there are no other words to describe how AWESOME it is.


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