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currently: getting ready for a NYE party.

2012 quite frankly has been one of the most eventful years for me.
Not only was it the year I graduated with my communications degree and got my first full-time job, I made some of the closest friends, partied with them at my 21st birthday, got to have all these different experiences, got published as a journalist, and lived out one of my life goals by getting my first ever media pass at New Zealand Fashion Week.

It has been a pretty good year.

And even for my blog it's been incredibly big year! (Despite the lack of posts. Let's see this as a quality over quantity thing.) So much so that I've created a Top 10 of the most viewed posts for this calendar year. Check it out:


10) Switchfoot in Auckland on March 8th 2012! (January 2012)

Okay so this didn't exactly happen as planned (Switchfoot had to cancel their show and the rest of their Australian tour for a family emergency.) But the excitement was there. Fans around NZ, do not worry though. Switchfoot are performing at Parachute 2013 this January the 26th.

9) Happy Chinese New Year Eating! (January 2012)

Food, glorious home made food. Need I say more?

8) Food Tour Party - Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar (September 2012)

The first ever Food Tour Party at the brand new cookie store in Auckland city. It was a treat and a delight. And I do hope for many more Food Tour Party posts to come, as soon as I find more friends with disposable money and will to go out to eat.
(Btw - if you are in the Auckland area and would like to attend/suggest a Food Tour Party location, comment or tweet me @Mellownz)

7) Top 10 Reasons To Go To University (February 2012)
Gotta admit, I was surprised to see this under my top 10 posts. At the time I wrote this, I was currently going through a funk. I didn't really want to return to university at the fear of what horrible and frightening amount of work and pain would confront me. So this post was more motivation for me than anyone else. I don't regret university at all now (which I guess is easy to say having graduated.) I honestly did meet some amazing people, had some fantastic experiences and made the best friends while slaving away at university. Wouldn't take a minute of it away. I however still hate 8am Shorthand classes.

6) DIY - Clutch bag to Shoulder bag (June 2012)
I'll be honest. I'm a cheapskate and if I can do something myself for a lot cheaper, I'd do it. And then I'll post about it so I actually have content for my blog. DIYs are great blog content. Gives the blog a purpose.

5) Switchfoot - Vice Verses album review (Oct 2011)
Okay, it's cheating cause this blog post came out 2011. But it was still really popular. And a good album.

4) Born To Die - Lana Del Rey album review (March 2012)
Will admit, I'm not hating her AS much. But I still won't listen to this album.

3) Why this Go Girls season 4 finale has annoyed me on so many levels (May 2012)
I think this is a sign that the internet has validated me as a massive Go Girls fangirl....

2) Lights - Siberia album review (December 2011)
Okay, again cheating with a 2011 post. But in all fairness, this was also at the end of 2011/beginning of 2012. Close enough.

1) DIY - Red Riding Hood Cape (May 2012)
The popularity of this post has been amazing. You can find this with over 60 repins on Pinterest. And in the lead up to Halloween, the view count went up in THOUSANDS each day. I'm amazed by the views and humbled by the comments of people saying they've actually TRIED my DIY. I'm really quite proud and happy that I could help a few people make an easy costume.

And that's it folks. I'm running late for my NYE party so I'll see you people in 2013. :)

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