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Why you should give Go Girls Season 5 a chance

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Go Girls Season Five.

I guess you could say, yes, what was predicted has now happened. Everything predicted back in my previous Go Girls season 4 blog post came true.

And if Britta's sister is their chance for a spin-off and new cast - I WILL BE ANGRY. Had Candy been around for longer to create a transition towards the next season (if that's their plan) maybe I would be more open to it, but it shouldn't have been done in the last minute of the scene.
- May 2012, 'Why this Go Girls season 4 finale has annoyed me on so many levels'

So earlier this month, the Go Girls Facebook page released the new cover photo of the new cast. I saw, I had my disappointed moment, and I thought whether or not I should write about that disappointed, but I thought 'nah, I'll let it slide.'

But I guess it doesn't help that some people have searched my blog, used my Go Girls post as a soundboard, and that have made me look like this nutter Go Girls fan. (Cheers anyway Throng for the mention :) I brought the crazy upon myself.)

I've seen the comments on Facebook. I've seen the shared disappointment/anger/frustration. But some people are already willing to write off a good series without even seeing the first episode with this new cast. I don't think that's way to do it people, and I'll share my reasons why.

I would, with no shame, say that I don't really want a brand new cast take over the beloved show that is Go Girls. But I'm in no way ready to go and boycott them, because it's lucky that they can even continue the series in some way than finish the series completely.

Over the past two years worth of Go Girls, all the Go Girls main actors and actresses have been in pursuit of their own projects. Anna Hutchison (Amy) went to do that Joss Whedon movie, Jay Ryan (Kev) is on Beauty and the Beast on CW in the States, Matt Whelan (Brad) filmed 'The Most Fun You Can Have Dying', Bronwyn Turei (Cody) and Esther Stephens (Olivia) look like they've been going down the music path, and I'm sure most of the cast (including Alix Bushnell/Britta) has moved to Australia.
So in all honesty, it seems to be the writers and the stars can't do any more juggling around with six schedules with people who are now based overseas.

It would just become a series of maybe two stars appearing for 2 episodes each, and never getting all six of them together.

Also, those characters have overcome their biggest weaknesses now. There's gonna be a lack of conflict. I think you'll start getting bored watching Cody cooking dinner and having a nice life with NSB and Possum.

So what would you do if all your stars are leaving your show and you have yet to completely resolve all solutions? (I go back to the Britta/Kev baby thing.) Well, bring in a new cast. Bring in new talent and bring in a new set of problems that the modern North Shore-er/New Zealander/Australian can relate too.

Plus I think having Candy as the rope between the two different casts means that you will still see Fran/Jan/Nan McMann.

I can't say I have an opinion yet about the characters from the new cast. Especially when there's a narrator called Ted. ('How I Met Your Mother' much?)
"George Mason (Shortland Street, Tangiwai) is series narrator Ted, a down-to-earth landscape gardener and cruisy dude. Well, he was until the witch and an angel come back into his life on the very same day." [source]

I'm very confused by this witch/angel aspect, which makes me think of 'Male Britta'. But he seems to share the same confused/clueless attitude towards females as Kev did. I will be interested to know what their goals will be. And how exactly this group of people becomes friends with Candy, who I assumed was a hated woman.

I will say I also did kinda laugh with an "Asian" being cast. Not because it's "Oh lol, Asian representation for the sake of having a minority". But a laugh cause Auckland does have a growing Asian community, and that she happens to look a lot like a North Shore friend I have. More irony than anything that it happened, but I will say it's good for New Zealand media to get some Asian representation in there. I'm also hoping that someone else in the other 4 are some sort of 'foreign born but raised in NZ' background. Like a South African - cause the North Shore is also very populated with them. (If you're trying to prove representation on the Shore, you may as well do it right.)

Anyway, this post is getting very long. So here's the short answer - if you love Go Girls, give this series a chance. Watch a couple of episodes, have an open mind to it. You loved the work of the writers, and who's to say that you won't still love their work with this new cast?

Plus (I'm hoping here) just because there's a new "main cast" doesn't mean the old cast could be gone forever. They could just be recurring cast members, make an appearance now and then... You really just have to wait and see.

So Go Girls 2013 - I will wait, I will keep an open mind. I'm sure this show knows what they're risking with a brand new audience, but I'm sure they wouldn't take this risk without being sure of what they were doing.

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