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Day 12 of Asia - Ladies Only

currently: full from eating so late at night.

Today, on a shopping excursion to Sungei Wang, I encountered two things.

One, I saw the longest tunnel I've ever been in. It's called the SMART tunnel. Part flooding storm water drain and part motorway tunnel, it's suppose to be 4km long and when you drive through it, it feels like you're taking forever to reach the other side.

And two, I saw a parking system I had never discovered before. Parking, that was only for ladies.

Under Sungei Wang, defined with pink lines and pink signage, is an area specifically marked out for female drivers. There are these pink silhouettes decorated over the walls, and its own security guard at the entrance.
"It's because all the ladies can't park, so they need their own area," my mum joked.

As a woman who belongs to a country known for its relatively close-to equal gender rights and safe environment, I was honestly amazed at such a parking zone. Not that the parking was any bigger but just the overall 'Ladies Only Parking' concept.

Now of course there's a clear reason for such a designated parking space - the risk of theft for unaccompanied females in parking lots is relatively high in Kuala Lumpur, like handbag snatch thefts. Having a designated parking area close to entrances would help protect women, as well as give them more security.

On the other hand, I can't help raise a few questions towards the idea, and lack of other ideas they may have not considered. For one, shouldn't that mean all sorts of vulnerable types of people have their own parking spaces? Like the elderly? Parents with prams? Rich people who carry lots of cash on them? Single parents taking more than three young hyperactive children into a mall? Because I didn't see parking spaces for them.

Also, is there a suggestion that females are just super weak damsels in distress? Would it also mean that men who are considered nerds need their own parking spaces at schools to avoid bullies?

More seriously, does a female only parking area become more of a target or does it actually deter thieves? It's like telling people "Here is a pool with lots of lots of fish. It's hard to keep track of all the fish that are in this pool but you can't actually fish from it. These fish are all free, but you can't touch any." Do thieves actually avoid the area because of those rules? Or would definitely be more particular to hiding in an area there and stealing purses?

The idea just astonishes me. You won't find parking like this in New Zealand, that's for sure. If that day did happen, it would definitely prove that New Zealand is not what it used to be.

Meal of the Day:
In a Hong Kong cuisine restaurant just on the outside of Sungei Wang, I decided to order a bit differently and get this deluxe French toast, which I've been seeing similar images of in many restaurants.
Essentially, it's three layers of bread, with chunky peanut butter in between one layer, and sliced banana in the layer below, covered in batter and then deep fried till it's crispy. Then on top it's drizzled with chocolate and condense milk. Clearly very unhealthy but when you're offered different things, you have to give it a try just once.
And then of course I had a drink - lemon Ribena. Which is self explanatory. The slice of lemon was definitely the healthiest part of my meal.

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