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Day 13 and 14 of Asia - A Vague Guide to Malaysian Food

currently: writing in the dark.
When you ask me what comes to mind when I think of Malaysia, I have three simple words.

Humidity, shopping, and food.

I always do the most eating while in Malaysia because there's just no set times for lunch or dinner or supper. It's a "oh we have time, and we haven't eaten in ages. Let's go makan (eat)." And there are no rules as to where or when you can or can't eat. So here's the vaguest guide in the world to eating food in Malaysia.

A Quick, Vague Guide to Malaysian Food (as given from the vaguest Malaysian tourist ever.)

1. Food is everywhere.
I'm not kidding. Food is accessible from pretty much every street or shop corner. Even someone's house can be a restaurant. All you need is some tables and plastic chairs and you can label yourself a street food store. It's probably a food inspector's worst nightmare.
For example, I ate Chendol at a bus stop yesterday (Meal of the day, Day 13)

2. Always bring your own pack of tissues to clean your cutlery.
Purely for the reason stated above. (Food is everywhere, food inspectors aren't.)

3. You can usually da bao (takeaway) food, even from street stalls.
Ever wondered how do you take chendol or a curry laksa home? Try it. There's a reason why you'd find in Asian cars these hooks at the back of seats. There's a chance it's to carry their takeaways home. They come in tight little plastic bags, and all you'd have to do is go home, grab a bowl, and pour it all in. Just like the real thing - but with cleaner utensils probably.

4. There are no such things as "breakfast" foods.
Well not really here. You want Indian roti for breakfast? Or curry laksa for breakfast? Go for it. They're available all hours of the day, and night. The only places you find appropriate "breakfast foods" is in McDonalds.

5. Never know what to drink?
Chances are there's a kopi-o (black coffee), Milo (they're crazy about milo here), barley, or a honey lemon tea you can order. And you can get all these drinks hot or cold (cold tastes better in the hot weather).
For soft drinks, don't choose Cokes or Sprites. The local here is Sarsi, but there's also A&W Root Beer, or even Kickapoo Joy Juice.

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