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Day 7 of Asia - Shoppers Pacman

currently: freezing. Man it's hard to please everyone when you've got to share the air conditioner.

I've been to KL enough times know to remember the great shopping places, this including The Mines mall south of Kuala Lumpur.

And while I love shopping in Malaysia, having other stores that aren't a Westfield brand like in Auckland, I can't help shake the feeling that I'm constantly being watched. Because I am being watched. Really closely.

Today, every time we went into a shop, we got welcomed (which was nice), and then they started closing in.

And all you want to tell them is 'I don't want to buy anything yet! I just want to see how expensive your prices are first!'

If a sales person casually tells me "Oh that dress is 750RM", I don't want to seem like a povo and say "Oh yeah, I can't afford that. I'm not even worthy enough to touch your fabric."

Instead I try to move about so much that they will eventually get confused or lose interest in me.

It's like imagine you are pacman - the shopper.
And all the ghosts are the shop assistants.
THEY DON'T STOP FOLLOWING YOU. Until you eat the bigger glowing ball and say you have rabies or something...whatever keeps them away.

I know why they feel like they have to do it. They don't know the person who walks through the store. And they have to be extra suspicious for thieves who will do daring things like stick meat up their skirts or stuff six different watches into their bra. But it's still creepy when three sales assistants are watching only the one of you, and who knows what they're thinking as you shop.

Just a little breathing space... please.

Oh and I also don't get it why sales assistants here have to pull off the clothes you want to try from the hanger - and then all you're left is a pile of clothes and one hook inside the dressing room. That I don't see an explanation for.

Meal of the day:
We ate bubur cha cha at someone's house/restaurant (because people have the ability to turn their houses into makeshift restaurants here.) It was quite tasty; real comfort food that made you want to sleep soon after. A lot of coconut milk, and taro that is actually purple here! (They call it yam.)

Purchase of the day:
I also did buy something despite stalkish sales people. This cute chiffon top from F.O.S (Factory Outlet Shop) at Mines from the Penelope brand - 35RM. Though had I bought 3 more items from the same rack it could have ended up being $25 (4 items for 100RM). I've learnt though that I shouldn't buy items for the sake of a discount. Because then I've just got even more clothes I never wear.

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