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Day 8 and 9 of Asia - People you shouldn't try to be at the airport

currently: attempting to figure out my data plan here.

Airports are interesting places to me. Part of me loves them, and then part of me absolutely loathes them. They're a place of emotions, of hundreds of doorways. Where the gates open for the tired, the restless, the anxious, and the eager. There's excitement that can happen in a split second, and at the same time the slowest minutes of the world hang.

Strangely enough, the airport is also where I seem to make life decisions. The places I want to go, the people I want to meet, and the people I don't want to be. The following are actual people I saw while at the airport this morning.

People you shouldn't try to be at the airport:

The Pink Lady.
I spotted her as we got to the airport at 7.30am this morning. This woman caught my eye with her bright pink wear, struggling past with her massive pink suitcase. The woman was actually more disheveled than I portrayed pictorially, but she did truly have a suitcase with its own pink suitcase cover boldly printed 'THIS IS MINE, NOT YOURS'. Are you not pretty much asking to be robbed when you're boasting messages like that on your suitcase?

The matching couple.
I don't know what's with couples on holiday and their need to have matching outfits. Do couple outfits help repel other potential challenging suitor? Is it so you can tell security 'I'm with the person who looks exactly like me'? I never match with my boyfriend, but if we ever did, it's pure coincidence (or we were in uniform.) But if I had a choice, I wouldn't match with him and I don't understand couples who think that's okay. You're meant to be two separate people, are you incapable of making choices without the other?

The denim suit.
I could have drawn an image for this, but it would have done no "justice" at all #baddadjoke. But it's no joke that I saw someone with a full denim outfit, shirt included. Just because you're in another country, it doesn't mean bad fashion choices suddenly change. Especially this one. Rest in peace, Justin Denim Timberlake.

The screaming kids.
No one expresses true feelings like children. If they're upset or frustrated, they will let the entire room know. But if you're an adult, don't let the entire room know. It's mentally exhausting being around

The parents of the screaming kids.
Sometimes it an't be helped but at the same time the appeal of having children significantly decreases when I see frustrated parents travelling with angry kids.

The late guy.
As we stood at the line waiting to get past immigration, this one super impatient dude was muttering to himself and pretty much breathing down the back of my neck. He kept telling himself "hurry up...only five minutes...get moving..." and he'd keep inching closer and closer to me, and so much so it looked like he was trying to jump ahead of me in the queue. Trying to breathe insults down someone's back is not going to get you anywhere faster.

Meal of the day (Day 8):
Xiao Long Bao - which means Soup Dumplings. We got them at Dragon-i Restaurant at Mid Valley Mall, and it's a "Chinese delicacy". It's dumplings with meat that actually have soup captured inside of it. Hence the name.

Meal of the day (Day 9):
First meal in Singapore and we got this dish called Prawn Mee, on Singapore's East Coast Road at this restaurant called Beach Road Prawn Mee, supposedly famous for it (according to taxi drivers.) It's basically noodles, mung beans, and prawn, and it's really hot to eat in Singapore's similarly stuffy weather.

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