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Ellie Goulding + Broods in Auckland: Mini concert review and photos

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Last Saturday night, I went to Ellie Goulding's concert, and while I quite enjoy Ellie Goulding, but I wouldn't say I'm her biggest fan in the world, or in New Zealand. But after hearing great reviews from Ellie's concert at the Studio a year or so back, as well as quite enjoying the hits from her latest album, I figured I could pay the $79(+fees) worth to go see her at Vector Arena this time around.

The audience was definitely very female, with quite a few rocking heels and crop tops. And anyone that was male was probably at the concert with their girlfriend. The friends I had met up with decided we'd choose the floor instead of the seats. Thank goodness I hadn't chosen to wear heels too, otherwise I doubt I could last standing on the floor.

Nelson brother/sister duo Broods were a pretty great opening act, getting some movement going in the floor. Opening with 'Never Gonna Change' and closing with their hit 'Bridges', there's a nice vibe to them and lead singer Georgina definitely tries to carry a show performance. They're still quite fresh, and a very festival-like feeling to them. But I think they'll definitely grow into a bigger act.


I had never seen so many triangle hand shapes in an audience before, except at this Ellie Goulding concert. Standing in a white mesh crop top and black pants, Ellie doesn't really have a massive stage presence, but she's definitely someone who likes to have a bit of fun and move about on stage.


Ellie's definitely more a singer/musician than your typical Beyonce/Katy/Gaga entertainer. She doesn't do costume changes, or have fancy sets. Her concert was more about connecting with music rather than trying to blow you away. And it's really nice that she plays with some variety, with a mix of her on an acoustic, to her bashing some drums, and then to her dancing and wiggling about to music - to which the audience goes nuts for.

Still, my only disappointing experience of the concert was a really bad encounter with a larger woman who was on the floor that tried to physically shove me, because I "moved into her spot", when quite frankly, all I was trying to do was hold my ground. I'm only 5 foot 2, and I'm trying my best to see above everyone who's much taller, and also trying not to be bruised in the ribs by a woman carrying a massive handbag into a crowded concert. Even trying to say politely "Can you please stop trying to push me over", to only see a woman shove even harder (using her husband to push off) and yell at me for standing there - it honestly ruins your mood. And after she shoved my friend, called me "annoying" and then moved to the back, I was still fuming inside about it all. And I still had a blocked view of the concert. Short people just can't survive on the floor of a concert.


I also have to admit, I realised in that concert I didn't really know as many Ellie Goulding songs as I had imagined. Most of the songs I just swayed along to, and tried to get good photos of her between people's heads (I still praise the Canon Powershot SX280 for having such a great focus from a distance away). The songs that really went off though were her big hits like "I Need Your Love", and "Anything Could Happen", where she encouraged everyone to get loose with some dancing, and just feel free. My favourite was definitely "Burn", where she seemed to grab a guitar purely for the purpose to do a final rockstar guitar jump with it.

I don't really consider Ellie Goulding as one of the most memorable concerts I've ever been to, but if you are an Ellie Goulding fan, you definitely get what you pay for: a great sounding show, with Ellie performing a number of her favourite and best hits, and (if you don't bump into any angry women), it's actually quite a fun and carefree crowd. For what I paid for, and for what I expected, it was a pretty decent concert to go to. And Ellie definitely seems like quite a humbled, decent girl for an international artist.

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