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Day 16 of Asia - I'm coming home.

currently: Have 'Coming Home' by Diddy Dirty Money in my head.

I'm coming home.

While I've loved my time in Malayia and Singapore, I really miss Auckland.

Since Wednesday I've gotten sick with headaches, sore throats and stomach aches. The humidity and me have been worst enemies, and so have night-time fan and my sleep. I didn't sleep at all last night, except when I fell asleep about 6am for about 3 hours. It's been impossible for me to sleep here.

They also say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I always have a greater appreciation for Auckland when I'm away from home like this. It's not that I hate Malaysia - it's just that I am more comfortable in New Zealand.

I miss New Zealand's...

Fresh air - where nothing tastes like gasoline, where air doesn't feel like a thick blanket, and where the sky is bluer.

Wind - because the only wind I've ever felt is in an air conditioned mall.

Roads that aren't covered in dirt - where I worry if I'm getting dusty.

Cooler temperatures - because 36 degrees is no fun for me. Give me 18 degrees whenever.

Not sweating or breaking out - my skin is like a 16-year-old's puberty peak. Every day I'm finding zits on my face where I've never gotten zits before.

Not having to double-clean all my cutlery - I hate flies and dirt.

A reason to wear jumpers and coats - because why do they even sell them here?

And most of all - my own bed. My own cuddly bed. And my boyfriend + friends.

These two weeks have been good but I'm sick and home-sick. It's time to head home.
I will seriously miss the milo here though.

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